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CTV Vancouver : Boys in sync

Check out some of our awesome synchro swimmers in CTV news! See the video  

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Early Bird Registration. Early bird registration offers a $50.00 discount to members who register before the deadline (for summer season only).  Check back in February, 2019 to see the relevant dates. 

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I have 3 daughters (13, 11, 9) and we’ve been with the Cruisers for about 7-8 years now. It’s one of the best programs we’ve been in because they offer 4 different aquatic sports for my kids to participate in, their coaches have helped my kids develop more than just aquatic skills, the Cruisers families are super friendly and inviting people and my girls have grown up with some wonderful friends, all while engaging in very healthy lifelong activities together! The coaches are patient and very motivating in all 4 areas. My girls have participated in all the sports and have had so much fun in each. It’s a great program to develop confidence and self-esteem while instilling the importance of an active lifestyle to our children. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

Mother of Three Girls

( Sylvia Tam )

Our son was enrolled locally in weekly swimming lessons at the local recreation centre for a number of sessions over a long period of time with, in our opinion, very slow progress due to various factors. As a family we enjoy water sports and believe that swimming is not only a wonderful way of keeping fit and healthy but also that safety in the water is something every child should be taught at an early age. As fairly new immigrants to Canada with little knowledge of North Shore programs we happened to hear about Cruisers through recommendation and as such we enrolled our nine year old son in the summer program two years ago. Our son was assessed accordingly to his age and swimming ability and placed in an appropriate grouping. He then had the opportunity to attend up to six swimming practices a week all held at different times and locations across the North Shore. To begin with we attended twice a week but there were some families whose children wanted to attend virtually every practice and there were many in between! It was easy to see the corresponding improvement in swimming ability. Most children also enjoyed attending the many Swim Meets that were held across the Region as they provide an opportunity to showcase their honed skills and importantly are a wonderful way for parents and swimmers alike to socialise. That summer our son concentrated on the swimming lessons Cruisers provides and was very proud of his progress. Although he was not keen to swim competitively this first year, Steph Pharo the Club Head Coach suggested that he try the short and friendly Development Meets for other beginner swimmers which he enjoyed. Apart from swimming the club offered the opportunity to try water polo, diving and synchronised swimming. In fact if you want an action packed summer then you can sign up to try all four sports! Our son tried diving and whilst he enjoyed the lessons he decided it wasn’t a sport he wanted to continue with. There are also many social events for the kids throughout the summer offering a chance to meet other members. The following summer our son was a lot more confident as a swimmer having also taken advantage of the optional winter maintenance swimming (available in fall/ winter at a very reasonable extra cost) and this time was keen to try more meets. At these he began to take an interest in his swimming times and even picked up a couple of medals along the way! However, by far most of his enjoyment was garnered from the atmosphere during the meets – what could be more fun for ten year old boys than having your buddies round you all day in between races, a bit of healthy competition, lots of great food and what I call “civilised camping!” By this I mean that you get to go home at the end of the day! Parents make these days as comfortable and enjoyable as possible by setting up innovative pop up tent shelters, chairs, BBQs etc and then make the most of it by either relaxing/ chatting or a combination of both! Our son also gave water polo a try last summer. We knew absolutely nothing about this and had we not joined the club it is a sport we would never have discovered. We were soon attending all the practices and the Cruisers team made it to the Provincials Championships held on Vancouver Island. It sparked such an interest that our son wanted to continue with the sport after the summer ended! All in all we have found Cruisers to be a friendly, well run and supportive club. Initially we found the scope and number of sports offered can be a little overwhelming (especially if you are not acquainted with them) and frankly that first year found it difficult to assimilate. Year two, however, once we became familiar with the workings of the club and our child embraced all that Cruisers had to offer, was a turning point and it is now the highlight of our son’s summer!

Experience of a “Newbie” Cruisers Parent

( Caroline Moore )

Four Sport One Club!