Early bird registration

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Early bird registration

Early Bird Registration.

Early bird registration offers a $50.00 discount to members who register before the deadline (for summer season only).  Check back in February, 2019 to see the relevant dates. 


For the first practice, please have your athlete attend the same training group as last year.

If you are new to the club, please contact our club registrar –  contact information on our website – to determine the correct practice group.

Coaching staff will finalize training groups during the first two weeks of May and your athlete(s) may be moved to a different group during this time.

We are hold a pancake breakfast in April (dates to be confirmed with your registration).  This is a mandatory FUN event where we introduce you to the upcoming year, the individual sports and answer questions you might have.  You will get to meet all of the club executive, coaches and members.  

Four Sport One Club!