General FAQ

Q: How are teams made and when will I know which team my child is on?

A: Teams are constructed based on age and ability of the swimmer. Each swimmer will be placed on a team with similar ages and abilities. Each team will then be categorized as either Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced. Final teams will be announced at the end of May. Click here for FAQ’s on Synchro Teams.


Q: How do I know which practice to come to?

A: Practice times will be divided by teams which will be posted on the schedule on the website. The coaches will keep you updated on practice times and changes also.

Q: What is Dryland

A: Dryland for synchronized swimming mostly involves what we call 'land-drilling.' it is basically practicing the routine on deck, just like we would in the water, but using just our arms. This is vital to creating a great routine, as it is a perfect way to learn the counts, patterns, and moves of the routine. Dryland can also be centred around stretching. Being flexible not only helps prevent injury but is a great way of improving the teams score in both routine and figures. Dryland times will be added to the schedule once teams have been finalized.


Q: How many times a week do we have to attend practice?

A: Every swimmer is expected to attend as many practices as possible in order to learn the routine and the timing fully. If you know you are going to miss a practice, please let your coach know!


Q: Can anyone do a duet?

A: Yes, however, we do recommend having at least one year’s synchro experience. This includes having done synchro Cruisers before, Star Synchro, or the Winter Maintenance Synchro. Duets choreograph their own routines (with input from the coaches) and that is why we recommend having some experience.


Q: What do I need for practice, figures, and the team routine?

A: Practices:

  • one piece bathing suit
  • nose clips (at LEAST 2)
  • cap


  • one piece BLACK bathing suit
  • WHITE cap

Team Routine:

  • Custom bathing suits will be ordered early in the summer – the average price is usually around $60 – $70
  • Head piece


Q: When do duets practice?

A: There are separate duet practices which will be posted on the schedule on the website.


Q: As a parent, what can I do in terms of volunteering?

A: Parent volunteers will definitely be needed! At all meets, there are many jobs you can help out with such as serving food to the judges, collecting scores, or manning the music. Often the best way to see your child perform and compete is by being right in the middle of the action, volunteering on deck. In addition, there may be some costume/head piece add-ons to be sewn on to the costumes, in which parent volunteers would be much appreciated! Parents will also be needed for hair and makeup at Provincials, making sure everyone looks their best before performing!


Q: Is it okay to go on vacation during the summer?

A: If you plan on going away for any period of time, please let your coach know preferably at the beginning of the summer.


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