Parent’s Corner

Cruisers Aquatics Parent Handbook

This colourful handbook contains information about the club and each aquatic discipline; what to expect at meets, tournaments and water shows; expectations for athletes and parents; and basic procedural information. Thanks to some amazing parent and coach photographers over the years.


Sporting Parents Article

This Sporting Parents Article is from SwimNews, Canada’s national winter swimming magazine, and was written by world-renown coach and current sports consultant Wayne Goldsmith. This article is meant as advice for parents and also addresses many questions that most first-time (and veteran) swim parents may have. Just a good read overall.


Competitive Nutrition

This competitive nutrition.pdf contains lists of snack and meal ideas for any and all competitive athletes. Produced by the Sport Nutrition Advisory Committee, with help from the B.C. High Performance Sport Science Unit, it also gives tips on foods to avoid during competitions and healthy alternatives for maximum energy and performance.

How to erect Cruisers tent

Erecting the Cruisers Tent

Four Sport One Club!