Cruisers Fall Registration – NOW OPEN


It is that time of year again! Our Fall registration is now open!!

Register Now!

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Sessions offered this fall are:
Speed Swimming:
Cruisers FUNdamentals – Beginner level (G1/2 summer equivalent) 
Friday Sept 8 – Dec 8 7:15-8:30pm @ Delbrook
Sunday Sept 10 – Dec 17 3:15-4:30pm @ Ron Andrews RecCenter
*swimmers must be able to swim 25m unassisted and be comfortable in the deep end of the pool.
Cruisers Cruise Control level 1 – Intermediate level (G3 summer equivalent)
Friday Sept 8 – Dec 8 7:15-8:30pm @ Delbrook 
Sunday Sept 10 – Dec 17 4:15-5:30pm @ Ron Andrews RecCenter
*swimmers must be able to swim 50m unassisted and be comfortable in the deep end of the pool.
Cruisers Cruise Control level 2 – Advanced level (G4/5 summer equivalent)
Tuesday Sept 5 – Dec 12 7:15-8:30pm @ Ron Andrews RecCenter
Sunday Sept 10 – Dec 17 5:15-6:30pm @ Ron Andrews RecCenter
*this is more of a training session like you would see in the summer. Swimmers must be able to swim consistently for the full hour session.
Splash Winter Frosties!
Sunday Sept 10 – Dec 17 3:30-4pm, 4-4:30pm, OR 4:30-5pm @ Ron Andrews RecCenter
*swimmers must be comfortable away from their parents for the whole 30min and MUST be able to put their face in the water comfortably.
Cruisers FUNdamenals – Beginner level
Saturday Sept 9 – Dec 9 1:15-2:30pm @ Ron Andrews RecCenter
*suitable to those new to synchro or beginner level in the summer. Swimmers must be able to swim comfortably on their own and be ok in the deep end.
Cruisers Cruise Control – Intermediate & Advanced levels
Saturday Sept 9 – Dec 9 2:15-3:30pm @ Ron Andrews RecCenter
*suitable to those who have done synchro before (at a higher than beginner level). Swimmers must be able to swim comfortably on their own and be ok in the deep end.

Cruisers Diving – All levels
Monday Sept 25 – Dec 18 5:15-6:30pm @ West Van Aquatic Center
*suitable to those who want to get into, or keep up with, their diving skills. Swimmers must be able to swim comfortably on their own and be ok in the deep end.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact – someone will get back to you ASAP! Also, all exclusion dates are listed in a waiver you will come across during registration – please keep a record of this or input it on your calendar.


The Summer Season

Cruisers is a “4 sports, 1 fee” club offering Speed Swimming, Diving, Water Polo and Synchronized Swimming. Athletes are able to participate in any or all of the 4 sports, and can attend an unlimited number of practices. Our summer season runs from May 1st to Mid August 2017, with a focus on stroke refinement, swim fitness, fun, social and team activities. The season includes training and participation in competitive meets and competitions for the year, including Regionals (in August Dates to be confirmed).

We offer two payment options by credit card:

  • A one-time payment fee for the summer season
  • Monthly payment plan up to May 31st registration

A two-week trial period is available to new registrants only, so that new participants can “try out” Cruisers with minimal financial risk. Participants must register and pay the full registration fees. After the first two weeks of practice, if a new participant decides that they want to withdrawal from Cruisers, a refund of all fees and deposits, less $75, will be granted. To withdraw, contact the Registrar no later than May 15th by email to request a refund.

Club membership categories and rates*

When you register, you will be asked to select one of the three categories for registration:

  • Summer membership ($845 or $795 early registration) – athletes grade 8 and under and are able to swim 25 metres unassisted
  • Splash membership ($445 or $395 early registration) – athletes learning to swim with a goal to be able to swim 25 metres unassisted
  • Alumni membership ($720 or $670 early registration) – athletes in grade 9 on May 1st, 2017
  • Affiliated membership ($530 or $480 early registration) – Open to those who are members of competitive winter swim clubs

*Note: There is a $20 admin fee for selecting monthly billing. Monthly rates are charged on the 1st of every month after your initial payment. We do not have Prorated fees for late registration.

Fundraising Deposit

Cruisers is a non-profit organization and the fundraising deposit provides cash flow for summer operations. Throughout the season the club will hold 3 or 4 fundraising events in which you and your family can participate. Funds raised will be credited against the $100 deposit already included in your membership fee. Members raising $100 or more will get the full $100 deposit refunded at the end of the year. Otherwise, the $100 fundraising deposit remains as part of your membership costs.

A list of fundraising events along with details regarding how you can earn back your deposit will be available prior to the start of the season and can be found here

Practices and locations

Practices are held throughout the week at the following locations:

  • West Vancouver Aquatics Centre – 2121 Marine Dr, West Vancouver
  • Ron Andrews Recreation Centre – 931 Lytton St, North Vancouver
  • Harry Jerome Recreation Centre – 123 23rd St E, North Vancouver
  • Karen Magnussen Recreation Centre – 2300 Kirkstone Rd, North Vancouver
  • Pinnacle Pool – 138 Victory Ship Way, North Vancouver
  • Vancouver Aquatics Centre – 1050 Beach Ave, Vancouver

Practice times and locations can be found on our calendar here :

Note: At the start of the season, athletes will be evaluated by coaching staff and placed into different practice groups. Athletes may move groups during the season and is at the discretion of the coaching staff.

What to Bring

  • Goggles, swim cap and water bottle.
  • More information can be found in the Athlete and Parent Guide

Refund Policy

Other than the Two-week Trial, refunds will not be allowed unless the reason for discontinuing is the result of an injury or illness, and is supported by a written note from a physician. The amount to be refunded will be determined by the date the request is received, in writing, by the Club President, Registrar, or Treasurer.

There will be no refund of the BCSSA portion of the registration fee.

The amount of the club fee refunded will be pro-rated as follows:

  • If the request is received before May 31, 75%
  • If received between May 31 and June 15, 50%
  • If received between June 15 and July 15, 25%
  • After July 15, there will be no refunds

Important note: This year we are NOT charging individual meet/competition fees for the regular season, including regionals. This is now part of your overall club fee. If your athlete attends Provincials, this will be charged separately, after regionals.


Four Sport One Club!