Cruisers offers a pre-competitive speed swimming program for younger swimmers who are not quite ready to join one of our regular practice groups. This program is called Cruiser Splash. Cruiser Splash accepts swimmers who are not yet able to swim one complete length of the pool, as long as they are able to completely submerge their head. Group size is kept small – with 6 to 8 swimmers per coach. Through a series of games and swimming drills, each participant develops fundamental swimming skills essential for speed swimming.

The Cruiser Splash! program is open to swimmers who are between the ages of 4 and 7. Cruiser Splash! members are encouraged to participate in Cruiser social events.

When swimmers have progressed and are able to swim full lengths of the pool, they will be invited to join our regular speed swimming program subject to approval of the Splash coach and the Head Speed Swimming coach.

Cruiser Splash! members are not eligible for any competitions or the Cruiser diving, water polo, or synchronized swimming programs.

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