We understand that our athletes are very busy and most are involved in a number of activities outside of Cruisers and this is something that we encourage. However, we encourage players to attend as many water polo practices as possible in addition to 1-2 minimum swim practices a week.  Of course in a perfect world, we would like each and every player to attend every practice and tournament but understand other commitments.  We would like to note, that we have designed our season to build week after week and we spend a certain amount of time on particular skills and drills and move on from there and as we move forward it is sometimes hard to take individual players out of the group to teach them what they may have missed.

In the team environment, we expect all players to treat their teammates, coaches, parents, opponents and officials with respect.  Every year we have a good mix of new and experiences players and we expect them to work with each other is a positive and encouraging manner.

We also expect a good attitude whenever representing Cruisers. This is includes time spent at practices (before/during/after), tournaments and any other function they attend where they are representing their team and their club.  It is expected that players will be attentive to their coaches will listen and act appropriately at all times. Those who fail to meet these expectations will be so advised and given an opportunity to correct their ways.

We value and reward good teamwork and sportsmanship on our teams. We  expect our players to always give their best effort and to respond positively to tasks that they are assigned to before, during and after both games and practices.


Expectations of Water Polo Parents

We hope that parents choose to participate in both team and club activities.  We believe this adds to the team cohesion and builds special bonds.  Parents that support the coaches, opposing team players, the team, the officials and their own children become positive role models for all and the players become better players and citizens feeding on these behaviours.  We normally see positive comments and encouragement towards teammates come from players whose parents provide them with positive reinforcement.

Lastly, but not any less important, we ask parents to leave the coaching to the coaches.  We trust you will respect our experience and qualifications and work with us to create a positive, competitive and fun water polo experience for all the players.

Four Sport One Club!