Water Polo Goals

Player Goals

Player goals differ according to the individual:  Each player will work with their coach to set their own personal goals for the season.

An overarching goal is for the players to have fun while acquiring and improving both their water polo skills and life skills.  The players will reach these goals by experiencing success and learning valuable lessons from failures.

Early in each season players will have an opportunity to play different positions on their team, however as the season progresses they will settle in to specific positions with specific roles according to their strengths and abilities.

To aid players in achieving their goals the coaches will provide regular structured feedback. Players that attend more practices and tournaments will have more opportunities to receive feedback and with the right attitude and work ethic should improve at a faster rate than those whose attendance is poor. As important as giving feedback is, it is how each player responds and reacts to the feedback that will determine the speed of that player’s advancement.  In water polo there is a clear progression of skills that are taught and which the coaches will work on developing – players who are attentive to and act on feedback they receive will progress to higher level skills earlier than those that don’t. The coaching staff recognize each player’s unique qualities and will challenge each of them in ways that will help them achieve their goals.

Some of these challenges could include providing players the opportunity to play in an older age category, being assigned to check a more skilled player or recommending a player take a referee course.


Team Goals

Novice Program

The goal for the Novice Program is to introduce the players to water polo in a fun and semi-structured format where the players learn some of the basic skills and rules of the game in preparation for playing P1.

P1, P2, P3 and P4 Teams

The goals for the P1, P2, P3 and P4 programs are: to improve each player’s individual water polo playing skills; to teach them to work as part of a team; to expose them to the pressures of playing in a competitive environment; to experience both team and individual success; and, to have fun.

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